These are resources I've compiled on fasting from across the web. Many of these links have come from people like you. If you have a link or information that I could feature here, send it my way, and I'll get it posted here.

Fasting and White Blood Count

This was the article that got me interested in fasting in the first place. It turns out that fasting can reset your entire immune system. Cancer patients that fast for 3 days can reset their entire immune system. The only thing other way that white blood cells can be replenished is through stem cells.

The Microbiome

This one talks about how a diet that is tuned in to your microbiome (the literally 100 trillion - not exaggerating here - bacteria that live in your body) will give you the best health outcomes.

This one talks about how those same bacteria work as a mini-brain that affects our mood and appetite.

And this one talks about how quickly your microbiome can change - not just the composition, but also the genetic expressions themselves.

Fasting and Alzheimers

How fasting for at least 12 hours puts the body into a state of autophagy (your body eat's itself - but focuses on the bad stuff), which can help destroy amyloid-beta, a protein that builds in in Alzheimers patients.  

And this article from Bloomberg also talks about how fasting can help stave off Alzheimers.