(Notice that no one is eating!)

(Notice that no one is eating!)

Q: Can I exercise on my fasting days?

Yes you can, but I don't recommend it to start. After you are well into a fasting routine, I've found that exercising works. That said, we get a lot of water from our food, so when I fast on exercise days I drink a lot more water than usual..

Q: How do you get over the hunger pains?

The easiest way to get over the hunger pains is by drinking 2 big glasses of water and to wait about 15 minutes. Once you get into the routine of fasting, you will likely stop feeling any hunger pains. After my 4th fast I stopped feeling hungry with 1 exception. Even by my 2nd week of fasting it was greatly reduced. 

The one time I did get hunger pains after fasting for a months was in November of 2014. I realized that the day before my fast I had a diet that was high in sugars - I had cake, pizza, and cookies. I spoke with a doctor and he said that my hunger pains were likely due to my glycemic index being really high leading into my fast. From there on out, I've made sure to eat right the night before my fast and haven't had any problems since.

Q: What do I eat the day before a fast?

The day before  the fast, I  recommend eating a healthy, very low sugar diet. Keep in mind that a lot of breads have sugars in them. Stay away from soft drinks.

Q: What should I eat after my fast?

I've found that if I eat healthy and normal I'm good after my fast. I would stay away from things that are high in sugar content, or especially greasy. And you might want to eat before you ingest anything acidic - like coffee or orange juice.

Q: Should I drink coffee on my fasting day?

I wouldn't recommend it. A few members of Fast Club noted that they got acid reflux after drinking coffee. So I would stay away from it. I think that it might be a little too much acid to put in your body on an empty stomach. If you do need the caffeine, I would recommend green tea. I especially like green tea with pomegranate (I like it cold). 

Q: Can I drink juices or smoothies on my fasting day?

Technically, having anything other than water makes it modified diet as opposed to a fast. I sometimes drink tea on my fasting day. Usually I'll have a lemon tea or a green team with pomegranate. I would stay away from juices or smoothies due to the sugar content. They're high glycemic foods and once the sugar wears off you will likely feel very hungry, which will make it hard to stick with the fast.

Q: Is the M2M beneficial?

Yes! And even if you only do it once a month it is definitely beneficial. That said, I think that 36 power is even better. Our body goes through a few phases when fasting. First it burns up glucose, which takes 4 to 8 hours, then it goes through our glycogen reserves in our liver and muscles, which takes another 4 to 10 hours, then it starts burning fat.  As it's burning fat it also looks for any dead tissue in our body that it can consume - blood clots, cysts, etc. The longer you wait, the more this process happens, and the healthier you get.  Also, the longer the break, the more time our intestines have to heal themselves, and the more time your gut bacteria have to regain their balance. I've found that 36 Power fast (see Fasting 101) works the best for me in this regard. 

Q: Can I get rid of my allergies with fasting?

I don't know if you can do it with fasting alone. I cut out sugar, switched to brown rice instead of bread, stopped drinking coffee (I drink tea), and still had allergies, though they were greatly reduced. Once I started fasting, it took me over the top and eliminated my allergies all together. 

Do you fast the same day every week or does it vary?

I try to fast every Monday, though sometimes if I'm traveling or have an event I fast on Tuesday instead. A few times this past year I fasted later in the week out of necessity.  I like Mondays because it feels great to hit the reset button after the weekend.

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