Why We Fast

The reason we fast is simple: to give our digestive systems a much needed break. With a little time off our digestive systems reset, regain balance, process all the food more efficiently, and get stronger. Fast Club members have seen remarkable results by fasting weekly including significant weight loss, increased mental clarity, a stronger immune system, the end of allergies and asthma, reduced sugar cravings, better food intake control, and more energy. While there’s truckloads of research on the benefits of fasting, your best bet is to stick with it for at least four weeks and experience the benefits yourself.

For those of you that fast regularly, this newsletter is a pick me up to help members through the process. It goes out once a week on Sundays. Even if you’re not fasting regularly, it serves as a gentle reminder that you are in control of your own health outcomes.

Before and After Your Fast

The first rule of FAST CLUB is...don't eat when fasting!

The Day Before a Fast: Avoid sugars, breads, white rice (brown rice is OK), alcohol, fruit shakes, or anything that will spike your insulin. This will make your fasting day 10x easier.

The Day Of Your Fast: Avoid sugar, coffee (it’s too acidic, tea is fine), and drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water to stay hydrated. If you drink a lot of coffee, you might get a withdrawal symptom, just replace it with lots of green tea (my favorite is this green tea pomegranate) and you’ll be fine.

The Day After Your Fast: Eat the same as the day before a fast or you’ll likely feel uncomfortable. I usually eat brown rice, veggies, and a protein.

Fasting Options

There are three fasting options described below. Any of these techniques will work if done consistently for at least four weeks. I’d recommend starting with Skip1 or M2M if you can do it, and moving up to the 36Power. Notice that none of them involve counting calories :)


Eat dinner, drink only water/tea (no sugar) the next day, then eat breakfast the following day. For example, eat dinner on a Sunday, only drink water and tea on Monday, then eat breakfast on Tuesday. With 36 power, drink 2 extra glasses at night so you’re not dehydrated in the morning. Members report that this is the best option for fast results. I have been doing this fast for the last 9 months.

M2M or DOUBLE M2M (Meal to Meal)

A fasting option where you eat a meal, then wait to eat until you hit the next meal on the following day. For example, eating dinner, then fasting until dinner the next day. The Double M2M is the same as the M&M, but you do it twice in the same week, usually a few days apart.

SKIP1 (Skip 1 meal)

You skip a single meal. For example, you would eat breakfast, skip lunch, then eat dinner. This is an easy way to start and will help you work up to the M2M and 36Power (my favorite).

Getting There

Fasting might seem hard or even radical at first, but you’ll get there! It gets easier each week, and after just a short time, you won’t even get hungry when fasting. Once you experience the benefits, you won’t need any outside motivation to fast. Your body will actually crave it.

If you feel like you’re going to cave, drink 2 extra glasses of water and feel free to reach out to me anytime.