Fasting App Reviews (iPhone)

I never even considered looking for a fasting app until a few days before Xmas when George B., a Fast Club member, sent me a link for Zero Fasting Tracker. Of course, this meant that I had to download and test all of them for your benefit. These were the iPhone apps I tested:

Zero Fasting Tracker
Fast Habit
Fasting Secret
Fasting Timer
Window - Intermittent Fasting

And the hands down winner is…Fasting Secret. It’s not the prettiest app, that goes to Zero Fasting Tracker, but it’s the most functional for several reasons.

1. It let’s you set a precise schedule.
It’s the only one of these five apps that let’s you set a precise schedule. For example, I can set my fasting to start at Monday at 9pm.

2. You can set durations longer than 24 hours.
I do a weekly 36 hour fast (Sunday night to Tuesday morning). None of the other fasting apps let me set a fast for more than 24 hours.

3. You can revise fasting history.
If you miss hitting the timer for your fast to begin, you can go back and enter it. I imagine that this could be incredibly convenient if you want this app to keep track of all of your fasting data. It’s the only fasting app with this feature.

4. It has built in reminders.
It has reminders for both the fast beginning and the fast ending, and countdown timers for when your next fast will start or how long you have left to go on your current fast.

5. It has an integrated weight tracker.
Though I did lose weight fasting, it was never a goal. That said, it was fascinating to watch how the weight came off. This app will allow you to track your weight during the process, which is really convenient for understanding how fasting is affecting your body. It was the only app with this feature.

Hope you all have an amazing 2017! Happy Fasting.