Nootrobox: A Silicon Valley Start-Up Promotes Fasting

Thanks Ali G. for sending me this article! It's a must read.

The short of it is that Nootrobox, a smart drug company start-up in Silicon Valley, promotes fasting to all of their 300+ employees as part of their culture. Participants essentially do what we at Fast Club call the 36Power where they fast from from Monday night to Wednesday morning (skipping eating on Tuesday). 

Being a bio-tech company and being in California, I can understand how they likely recruited people with healthy mindsets, but it's still mind-boggling that they could make this a corporate initiative that hundreds of people participate in. (I'm so impressed that I'm putting the entire company in my "Famous Fasters" category.)

On Wednesday mornings they have a celebratory breakfast to end the fast they call the "Biohacker Breakfast" (I love the concept). What's more is they report that Tuesday's, the day of their fast, is especially productive.  I'm tremendously productive on my fasting days, but I can only imagine what they can accomplish when there are several hundred people in the same zone.

Next time you're fasting, just remember that beyond the 120+ people in Fast Club that there's an entire company fasting with you.

Happy Fasting!