Leaky Gut

I came across this fascinating book by Dr. Josh Axe (He’s a chiropractic doctor, not an M.D. and a nutritionist) called “Eat Dirt. Why Leaky Gut May Be the Root of Your Health Problems and 5 Surprising Steps to Cure It.”.

Leaky gut is something I’ve written about before on Fast Club. Basically leaky gut is when we get microscopic holes in our stomach due to toxins in our food, our water, and our environment. These holes end up allowing toxins to enter our bloodstream that would otherwise just pass through. Our bodies create antibodies to respond to these toxins. The longer these toxins continue seeping into our bodies, the more antibodies are created, and eventually the body triggers an inflammatory response which can just stay “on” creating a myriad of health complications.

Dr. Axe talks about not only the symptoms, but provides case studies based on patients he’s treated and prescribes food (and dirt) to eat to heal your gut and return you to a healthy state. 

I’m still “digesting” the book, but everything I’m reading jives with what I’ve experienced personally through fasting. As you know I got rid of my allergies (food, seasonal, dust) and asthma through fasting and I noticed a strong correlation between having a more robust digestive process and the elimination of these chronic issues. 

I’ll keep you posted as I continue to absorb his nutritional insights, and more than likely I will give you feedback on my experience implementing his recommendations.

One more note - it’s the summer and though I might not post every week, I’m still thinking about all of you and wishing you success in your fasting adventures!

Happy fasting,