When Subtracting is Additive

Sometimes subtracting one thing means in adding a lot more. Like when you get rid of that dark painting and the room completely brightens up, or when that distracting person leaves the group and suddenly everyone starts getting things done, when you let go of that bad habit and realize how much more fulfilling your life is without it.

My grandfather used to say that when 1 door closes, 99 doors open. I’ve never seen that be more true than with fasting.

Stop eating for a day and your energy improves, you change your relationship with food, sugar starts losing it’s appeal, you stop getting sick, you notice one day that your allergies are gone, you sleep better, you think better, you’re more productive…

Vivek, my brother-in-law sent me this image which inspired this post. Notice the “minus” sign in the “F”. 

Vivek - thanks for the inspiration and look forward to having you back in the U.S. of A.!

Happy Fasting Everyone!