Vlade's Juicing Experience

Vlade is a Fast Club member who has opted to juice instead of fast. As you'll see in his narrative, he experiences some of the same benefits as fasting, which is why I wanted to publish his story. If fasting is not for you, Vlade's  juice days might be an option that you want to consider. Read on...

"Last year, I thought I'd make it a custom to juice one day a week and I'd done it quite consistently for a while, so after a few times I knew what to expect. Here's an account of a juicing day.  
I generally try not to eat much in the evening and like waking up hungry. Usually, I have a little something to eat as soon as I get up, then maybe an oatmeal or protein shake or fruit yogurt, and that keeps me until lunch.
I go to lunch pretty much sharp at noon because by then i'm really hungry. Lunch is typically my biggest meal. On juicing days, my first meal is usually a fruit juice that I would get from a street vendor near work. That would happen around 9-930 am, so a good 1.5-2 hours after waking up.
By then, I'm really starving, and the fructose usually invigorates me a bit but it doesn't last. I can't wait for lunchtime and I feel my mind is lazy and my body fatigued. I am also very, very hungry. I then go out and have another juice, this time some combination of fruits and veggies. When I buy the lunch juice, I invariably feel that it won't be enough to satisfy the hunger.
Then, a somewhat strange thing happens: I still feel hunger but no longer as a craving; rather, it's now just an emptiness of the stomach. In the next 2-3 hours, that feeling continues, along with an increased sharpness of mind. I find it very easy to focus and be efficient and alert, and these are always some of my best working hours. I then go for another juice between 3 and 4 pm, but this time it's a matter of keeping the schedule rather than quenching hunger.
By the time I go out to buy the afternoon juice, usually just vegetable, the feeling of stomach emptiness becomes a feeling of lightness. This is the peak of the juicing day. I am light, I walk upright and just feel like I can jump somersaults for those two blocks from the juicing vendor to the office.
When I return to the office, the invigoration continues for another couple of hours and my mind is focused and sharp. By the end of the workday, I almost regret it was so short because I feel I'm really productive. Then I get out, have another juice, and go home.
Once I come home, around 7 pm, I am still light but also start feeling a bit worn down. I squeeze my last juice at home around 9 pm and usually go to bed early. The sleep after a juicing day is always very deep and refreshing and I don't wake up as hungry as on normal days. In fact, I usually just have a protein shake or a piece of fruit and it's enough to hold me until lunch. 
The only thing I would add is that I typically have two espressos, even on juicing days: one in the morning and one at lunch. I also drink at least 2 quarts of water throughout the day, usually more.
I recommend giving it a shot. I imagine it's easier than fasting and the benefits might be similar. Good luck, whatever you choose to do! 
- Vlade"

Vlade - thank you so much for writing about your experience. The rest of you - hope you find value in his experience.

Happy Fasting (or juicing if that's for you)!