Fasting When Traveling

And we're back. Sorry for the long hiatus - had a crazy month where I was traveling almost every week, and my "spare" time was eaten up with public speaking gigs and projects ramping up. 

A friend of mine asked me how I handled fasting when traveling this past month, and if it was harder to do, so I thought I'd dive into that this week for y'all (traveled to the South twice and picked up some new terms).

I find it much tougher to fast when traveling - not because I can't maintain a fast, but because I don't want to seem impolite (or just plain crazy) to clients by not breaking bread with them. 

So my strategy is usually to do a 36Power the day before a trip, or do M2M's during the trip depending on the schedule. 4 weeks ago, I did a 36Power on Saturday (instead of Monday my normal fast day), then traveled on Sunday and ate normally the rest of the week. 2 weeks ago, I couldn't pull off a 36Power due to a family event on Saturday, so I did a M2M on Sunday, skipped breakfast on Monday, and ate lunch and dinner with the client. 

Often, because I generally don't eat well while traveling, I try to skip a single meal every day just to give my body a little more time to digest the bad food. A week ago while on a trip I skipped breakfast both days on the road as well as the day I got back just to give my stomach a rest and give me some breathing room. 

So in summary, my main strategies for fasting when traveling are:

  • Try to fast before you go on your trip
  • Skip a meal a day if you're eating garbage to give your body a break
  • To not tell clients about fasting to avoid being antisocial or viewed as crazy.

I have a much more sane March, so I should be able to keep up with the posts for a while. Stay healthy, stay happy, and keep on fasting.