Battling PCOS with Fasting

I got this email from Fast Club Member Sandrine K. this past week and she gave me permission to publish it:

"I'm down 24 lbs. as of today. For someone with PCOS (insulin resistance / wacky hormones) and fibromyalgia (I can't exercise like I used to) it's a big deal! 
It's due mostly to the fasting which has helped me shrunk my stomach which when I felt was the beginning to a journey of healthier decisions with more ease. 
I have now eliminated dairy, sugar and wheat and I am much less swollen / puffy but mostly I just feel better! A lot better in my joints. It took a while to detox them out of my body and not to have the cravings but I'm there now and fasting lead me here! 
So thank you Prasanth! 
Your friend,

Sandrine, really happy to hear that you're experiencing these results and thanks so much for sharing! The rest of you - Sandrine has been working on this and though she's had ups and downs she stuck with it, and she's finally on her way. I hope you all experience these kind of results someday, especially if you have any health issues that you need to battle.

Happy Fasting!