The NY Times on Fasting

In case you missed it, the NY Times published a piece titled “Fasting Diets Are Gaining Acceptance.” It was one of the most shared articles of the day and generated over 560 comments.

The piece covered the benefits of fasting driven ketosis (something I haven’t written about), the 5:2 Diet, the effects of alternate day fasting on obese patients, the effects of time restricted feeding, and the work of Volter Longo from USC which I’ve covered extensively. 

When the NY Times publishes something like this, it gives fasting legitimacy and, maybe even better, makes me sound less like a lunatic! It’s definitely worth reading. When you do, make sure to click on the comments down at the bottom of the article to get a feel for the positive health outcomes that hundreds of people have experienced through a variety of fasting regimes.

One small gripe - I tried posting a comment and they didn’t accept it (twice actually). Go figure. 

Happy Fasting!