A Tale of Two Colds

Hi Folks,

It's been a long time since I last posted (September 5th to be exact). I wanted to reach out each week, but my work schedule was crazy busy. The trade off was between spending time with my family, or writing you all, and I picked my family. 

The downside to a crazy work schedule is that my body was extremely taxed trying keep up with the workload - less sleep, more stress, and more energy required to fulfill all my obligations each day. Throw in a few kids and the start of a new school year and you've got a recipe for coldsaster (colds + disaster ;-). 

On September 30th, a fellow Fast Club member(and friend) and I, were both feeling under the weather. I decided to fast and recommended that he do the same. My fast was a little tough, as it always is when you're feeling congested, but I pushed through and felt wonderful the next morning. He made it through the day, but then bailed and paid the consequences. Here's an excerpt from the email he sent me:

"...so I had chicken soup last night and got super dehydrated from the salt. Felt like crap this morning, but was definitely clearing up last night!"

There are two things worth noting here. First, I just drank water and cleared up with fasting. Second, he had chicken soup - which is something that was often recommended to me in my youth when I was feeling sick. He nailed it when he spoke about getting dehydrated from the salt. 

Just to be safe here, I have to say that you should listen to the advice of your doctor, especially if it's a serious condition and not just a common cold. That said, I've found that fasting has always squashed my colds.  When coming off a fast, being especially careful about my sugar and salt intake has helped considerably. 

Since the 30th of September, I fasted twice in October, and once in November in the middle of the week just to avoid colds. Over the last 2.5 years, I've fasted mid-week or early to avoid colds at the minimum over a dozen times. I do an M2M if it's mild sick feeling, and a full 36Power if it feels strong. The result - I haven't missed a day of work or any family event since May of 2014 with this routine.

As we get into late fall and winter, I hope you all get a chance to experience avoiding illness through fasting. If you do, make sure to write - I would love to publish your story here.

I will do my best to write more often. Until then...

Happy fasting!