The Herschel Walker Fast

Herschel Walker is a hall of fame football player who played in the NFL in the 1980’s. He grew up in Wrightsville, Georgia and was known for both his unorthodox training regime and diet.

Since high school, and even to today, he does between 750 and 1500 push-ups a day, and 2000 sit-ups along with a running routine. What’s more interesting, is that he skips breakfast and lunch, and eats a lean dinner consisting of some chicken, soup, bread, and salad. 

His diet is what we at Fast Club call an M2M fast (Meal to Meal), with one key difference - he eats like this every day, and has since high school , while we prescribe it once a week.

I met him a few years ago in Atlanta, and was astonished at how fit he was in his 50’s. Look up any recent photo, and you'll see that he has an amazing physique. I didn’t ask him about his diet then because I wasn’t into fasting, but I came across this photo I took with him, and it triggered some research, this article, and an attempt to eat like him.

 Me and Herschel in August 2011

Me and Herschel in August 2011

So this past week I did 5 days of M2Ms. I thought that after one day of doing an M2M I would be starving and wouldn’t be able to pull of a second day in a row. Now, I did cheat a bit two by snacking each day on a handful of cashews, but overall, I skipped breakfast, and my main calories came from dinner. 

I was surprised because it was easier than expected, I wasn’t very hungry at dinner and my energy was great all week. Verdict: it can be done, and the effects are great. It’s a little more hard core than I’m used to, but I think I’m going give it another go this week. What this taught me is that I need less food than I'm currently consuming to still have great energy all day.

For any of you looking to take it up a notch, the Herschel Walker variant of the M2M looks like it might be an excellent option. Of course, take it slow and be very careful about your health if you attempt it. I’ll update you next week on how my second week of doing this goes.

Happy Fasting!