Affects of Fasting on Cancer

I’m continuing to read “Fasting: An Exceptional Human Experience” by Randi Fredricks, PhD. This book continues to blow me away. Here a short summary from the book on fasting and cancer.

  1. Since at least 2007, scientists have found that fasting (water only) positively impacts cancer patients.  It reduces side effects and protects normal cells in the body from the chemotherapy.
  2. In 2010, scientists found that fasting was as effective as chemotherapy in slowing down tumor growth.
  3. In  2012, researchers found that cycles of fasting combined with chemotherapy cured cancer in 20% of mice with cancer that was widely spread through the body, and 40% of mice with cancer that had been partially spread (in contrast to 0% using chemo alone).
  4. Fasting without chemotherapy was in many cases as effective as chemotherapy alone, or at worst slowed the growth of melanoma, gliaom, and breast cancer.
  5. A researcher named Valter D. Longo in 2012 found that when fasting, normal cells went into a hibernation stage while cancer cells continued to multiply, which essentially caused the cancer cells to destroy themselves.

And we already covered in a previous episode how fasting for 3 days after chemotherapy resets your entire immune system by replenishing your white blood cell count - something that scientists can’t do without stem cells.

Hope you find this as “fast-inating” as I do. 

For those of you on the fence, make it happen, it gets easier each week.  For those of you doing it intermittently, try to make it happen more often, for those of you who are fasting champs, keep it up.  The more I read, the more I truly believe that great health outcomes await you.

Happy Fasting!