New! Forums & Commenting

The Announcement

Pleased to announce that I’ve integrated comments into every blog article on the site, and added a forum for you to discuss fasting related topics. This should make it easier for you all to provide feedback and get answers fast, to your fasting related questions.

The Tool

After careful research, and testing out a few different forum and commenting tools, I opted to use Disqus. It’s free, easy, popular, and integrates easily with the site I’ve set up.

Set Up Your Account

Participating requires that you setup up a free Disqus account, which will take just a few seconds to get rolling. The best part is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of sites which use this service, so once you create your account, you'll be able to join conversations across the web on many sites you likely already visit.

Get Talking

To comment on any article going forward, just scroll down to the bottom of any blog article (like this one!). 

You’ll be able to use your Disqus account to also post topics and participate in discussions in the new Fast Club Health forum. To access the forum, click on “Forum” on the left navigation bar.

Hope you find these additions useful.

Happy Fasting!