Avoiding the Stomach Flu

3 weeks ago my brother-in-law went down with the Stomach Flu. It stuck to him for a week, at which point my father-in-law picked it up. Then the domino effect took over with my daughters going down next, followed by my wife, then my mother-in-law. The effects lingered for about a full week.


Incidentally, my daughters catching it was the most fun I've had in a while. One would puke, then the other would puke seeing the first one, and so on for full night. 

Combine the proximity to the illness, the high level of contagiousness, and the lack of sleep, and I should have been a goner.

My strategy: preventative fasting. I came into contact with my brother-in-law, who brought it to the family in the first place on a Saturday. So I fasted the following Monday with a Power36. During the week I did two M2M fasts on Thursday and Saturday, followed by another Power36 the following Monday. 

To recap, that was 2xPower36 Fasts and 2xM2M fasts in one week. That might sound kind of extreme, but I was very determined not to catch it, especially after seeing everyone's symptoms. 

The end result: It's been 2 weeks since the last person in my house went down, and I can officially consider myself free and clear and finally count the "W" (win). Not a single symptom.

Stomach Flu 0. Fasting 1

Fast For Health!