Your Health Toolkit

There are a lot of people who have tried fasting and decided it’s not for them. That’s O.K. You don’t have to be doing it every week like I do to get one important benefit - the addition of fasting to what I like to call your "health toolkit."

You’ve already started developing this toolkit with simple choices like switching to brown rice over white rice, or cutting back on sugar, or eating more greens, or exercising more. Even if you only fasted once, you’ll have had the experience and it will be another tool that you can draw on when needed. 

This might lead to you skip a meal or two if you’ve gotten totally stuffed the previous day, or fasting once a month if you feel the need to improve your body, or doing it every week if your health doesn’t check out and you need to dramtically improve your constitution.

So this week, as you look at this newsletter, remember that you’re already better off than you were before you ever tried fasting.

Happy fasting!