How I Cured Allergies & Asthma

I developed seasonal allergies in the fall 1992 during my first semester in college. By May of 1993, it was clear this would be a fall and spring ritual. In ’96 my allergies extended to dust and by ’99 I couldn’t eat apples, pears, almonds, or whole milk. In 2006 and I thought I capped off my full list of allergies with my first asthma attack until the allergist I saw that summer added peanuts and shrimp to the list. By the fall of 2014, my allergies and asthma were gone.

I’m going to tell you how I cured them, with all the details, to help you connect the dots to your own life, or for the family and friends you share this with do the same. Everyone’s body is unique and what I did may or may not work partially or in full. I hope this helps. 

 Spring allergies used to hit me hard.

Spring allergies used to hit me hard.

It started in 2007 with a trip to India. the Ayurvedic doctor I saw told me that my allergies were in his words, “100% solvable” and that they had to do with my digestive process. He gave me a set of potions to take over a three month period. Unfortunately, customs wouldn’t let me bring his concoctions back which meant curing my allergies would have to wait.

In 2010 I cut out coffee completely and switched to tea because I couldn’t think. I felt much better. My allergies diminished, and my anxiety disappeared. 

3 years later, in January of 2013, I read “Sugar Blues” by William Dufty and was inspired to eliminate sugar from my diet. I cut out sugar and started eating a diet that consisted of brown rice, beans, vegetables, and fish. I highly recommend picking this book up - it has the best explanation I’ve ever read of the perils of sugar, how it affects your body, and taught me that all sugars ARE created equal, including the fructose you find in fruit juices, brown sugar, and high fructose corn syrup. 

Cutting out sugar was really hard at the time because my family wasn’t on the same page. Dinner out was incredibly tempting, ice cream was off the list, and drinks were out of the question. By the spring of 2013, I noticed my seasonal allergies were gone. I still couldn’t process milk, apples, pears, or almonds, and my asthma persisted. But it was worth it not to be intoxicated on Claritin in the spring and fall. 

Then in May of 2014 I started fasting one day a week as a personal experiment. By June I realized that my dust allergies had disappeared after tackling some house cleaning. By October of 2014 it was clear that ALL my food allergies were gone after I took a bite of an apple at a fall harvest event I attended with the family. My throat didn’t burn and I was able to eat 3 entire apples. I started to experiment with milk, almonds, pears, and…nothing happened - no burning, stomach issues, or bloating. By November, I could take full breaths without an inhaler. My asthma was gone too.

It’s still strange to me that I was able to cure my allergies, including asthma, through food choices and fasting. While the process and choices I made to do it were, at first, incredibly difficult, living without the symptoms has been rewarding in and of itself. 

I hope this email aids you, or finds and helps those who need it the most.  

Happy fasting and health eating!