Fad? Trend? Lifestyle.

I read an insightful little post by Seth Godin this week about trends vs. fads that I felt was spot on. Godin elegantly says that a fad is something our peers are doing in the moment. A trend is different. Trends gains momentum over time and satisfy a deeper need.

When I started Fast Club, it was a fad. I was super exited about it because I experienced so many health benefits in very short period of time. A few of my friends began fasting with me, and we were all really into it.

It slowly became a trend. We started getting 2 more sign-ups every week. People started writing me about their experiences and how much of a difference it made in their lives. Some with bad health reports, some with chronic illnesses like PCOS. It was clearly satisfying a deeper need. 

Now, after doing it for a year and 4 months weekly, it’s gone beyond that and become a lifestyle. When I fast, it doesn’t even occur to me that it’s abnormal, or even difficult. It’s just something I do because my body wants it.

I know some of you have already made it a lifestyle like John, Charlotte, Jeff, and Pragya. I hope the rest of you get to that point soon.

Happy fasting!