Choosing a Fast

I often get questions about when I choose to use each of the three fasts listed towards the bottom of the Fast Club newsletter (if you’re new, scroll down first, then come back up and read this). Here’s how I approach each of the 3 fasts: 


Skip 1

I use this when I feel I’ve overindulged on a meal. If I ate a heavy dinner, I often choose to skip breakfast the next morning. If I ate a heavy breakfast, I might skip lunch. I like using this as an interim solution to give my body a little more time to digest my previous meal.


I chose this fast if my energy is really low and I can’t pull off a 36Power fast in a given week, or if Pragya makes something irresistible for dinner on my fasting day. I find the M2M keeps me level in terms of weight and health benefits, but doesn’t provide the same positive outcomes as the 36Power. I use this as a fall back fast. Since May of 2014, I’ve done probably 8 to 10 of these in comparison to 50 to 60 of the 36Power.


This is my fast of choice. I find it accelerates weight loss, has helped me overcome sickness, is likely the reason my allergies are gone (in combination with eating well), and provides me with better mental clarity than the other fasts. It took me 4 times in a row of doing this before it became second nature. 
Hope this helps! 
Happy fasting.