From Pat L.

This is the full email I received a week ago from Pat who recently joined Fast Club. I've bolded a few parts which I thought you might find interesting.  I meant to get it out last week but was bombarded with travel for work. Enjoy!

"Hello Prasanth,

I hope you are somewhere enjoying this absolutely magnificent weekend. I have run and swam, but have otherwise been working on a time-sensitive work-related project. I must admit that I did not do the 36-hour fast this weekend, but I intend to do so in the future.

As you know, I only recently started fasting. I have done about 4-5 meal to meal fasts. It was extremely difficult initially, more psychological than anything else, but I think it is getting easier. I had been on a diet to lose some weight and dieting, in combination with fasting, proved somewhat challenging for me. For my last fast, I ate substantially more than I had before the earlier fasts and I found it was easier to get through the fast. I think that the dieting, which was very caloric restrictive, made the fast much more difficult than it had to be. 

I have actually come to enjoy the fasting days, even though they are only meal to meal fasts. I find that I am more aware of what I am eating and tend to eat less naturally. Rather than dieting per se, I am going to try to eat normally without overeating and continue with the fasting once a week. I hope to lose about 8 more pounds, but I intend to continue the fasts even after my goal is reached. Honestly, I did not begin the fasts to lose weight as I am by no means overweight. However, I do have an issue with cholesterol and a physician I see suggested I give fasting a try. So, we'll see what other benefits I can reap from this new way of life.

It is always interesting to me when I do something like this as it really heightens my awareness of how tied we are as a society to food - and lots of it. I once did a cleanse for 13 days - no food- and I was much more aware of how much time we spend buying food, preparing food, eating food, and cleaning up food. Actually, some of it seems like wasted time - think of all the other fun things we can be doing.

Anyway, I look forward to the weekly newsletters and wish all those involved an easy fast.


Thanks so much for sending this Pat.  Hope you are enjoying the journey. Really glad you're not dieting anymore. If you haven't already read Sugar Blues by William Dufty - it really opened my eyes on what constitutes "real food". Happy fasting all!