Holistic. Preventative. Proactive.

It occurred to me today that fasting is holistic, preventative, and proactive therapy. 

It's holistic since if affects the entire body. I've dropped my asthma, my skin looks better, my food allergies are gone, my digestive system is stronger, and my energy and mental clarity have improved.

It's preventative because it helps dramatically reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Fasting has also been found to reduce rates of degenerative diseases like Alzheimers in studies with mice. 

It's proactive because studies suggest it may actually reverse these diseases.

I think it's funny and ironic considering that technically fasting is inactivity. I wish there were more things in my life that would improve dramatically by me doing nothing (are you reading this Pragya!).

Good luck on your fasts this week. My fast tomorrow is going to suck because I ate a totally unhealthy dinner.

Happy fasting!