Meal for Meal

I was thinking about how much uncertainty I have running my own business, and it occurred to me, that for a large portion of the world, this kind of uncertainty is just life. The difference, is that if things go south with the work I'm doing any given day, it doesn't mean that I don't eat tomorrow. 


My dad grew up in a Madras (now Chennai), India. And if his father didn't make enough on a given day in the market, it meant that the family didn't eat the next day. This was the same with countless other families at that time, and still is the case with countless families around the world today.

When I fast, it's out of choice and driven by desire. When many people in our world today fast, it's dictated by circumstances that are often beyond their control. 

So going forward, I'm going to send some money out to this organization each time that I fast, to cover the meals that I missing (Thanks Kevin C. for the idea). We're going to call this type of fast a "Donation Based Fast" (DBS) and next week, I'll be adding to the our list of fasts below. 

I encourage you to do the same. Even if it's just a few dollars, I think that you'll not only gain the health benefits from your fast, but the heartfelt benefits from those you're helping. 

Happy and Helpful Fasting!