About Fast Club

Fast Club is a weekly blog and newsletter that covers topics related to fasting.  Our purpose is to provide people like you information and resources on fasting and to provide motivation and support for those interested in trying it out. 

We are not saying that fasting is something that everyone should try or necessarily do.

We are saying that fasting is an often excellent health choice that has benefited many people, and that it might be valuable for you.

My Journey


My name is Prasanth Nair, and I started Fast Club. My journey into fasting began in April of 2014. I was just recovering from another cold after a long winter of illness after illness when I came across an article that described how fasting boosted immune systems in cancer patients. I thought that if it worked for them, it could work for me.

So in May of 2014 I completed my first fast. I ate dinner on Sunday night and suffered through Monday just drinking water. It was tough. I almost bailed multiple times, but pushed through. On Tuesday morning I expected to wake up hungry and tired. Instead, I woke up feeling light, energetic, clear headed, and so uplifted that I can only describe it as euphoric. I was hooked and knew I would do it again. 

Week after week in May I skipped eating every Monday and just drank water. I didn't feel the same sense of euphoria, but I increasingly felt better each week. I was dropping weight, lost my appetite for sugar, felt clear headed, and had more and more energy. 

By June it occurred to me that I had very few allergies that spring. By October I discovered that my seasonal allergies were gone. I was able to eat apples and almonds again. My asthma was gone by November. When I went for runs, it no longer took 30 minutes for my lungs to warm up. And my allergies to household dusts had disappeared. 

Now just to be clear, it wasn't just the fasting that was doing this, I was staying away from sugar, most breads, and eating mostly brown rice for carbs, and eating vegetables and fish for protein. I had stopped drinking coffee a few years ago, so that wasn't in the mix when I started. But I had already been eating like this for years. There was something about fasting that completely accelerated and changed my health.  

The Newsletter

I started doing research on the subject of fasting and was telling a friend about it. He asked me to email him each week when I was fasting. So I started a two person newsletter that started growing week after week. People started emailing me based on their health outcomes and telling me how valuable the newsletters were, so I kept up with it. One of the members even came up with the name "Fast Club" (thanks Karen!).

Fast Club Members by Year

The Blog

I started the blog in October of 2015. At the point the blog was started I had 97 people on the mailing list. I started it based on the request of newsletter subscribers - they thought that it would be a useful resources to point people to. And they were right.

Contacting Me

If you have any questions about the newsletter, the blog, or questions for me, feel free to reach out anytime. I answer all communications directly and am happy to get on the phone with you to discuss my health journey, the outcomes I've experienced, and answer your questions on fasting.